October 17 2023  – December 5 2023

Kuringai Art Centre


Course Description

Have you ever wanted to travel but not leave your art behind? Or wanted to deepen your travel experience through your art practice? Travel has been used throughout the ages to stimulate artists’ approach to light, colour, form and subject matter. But the decisions of what you pack and how to approach your work can be challenging. In this course you are encouraged to experiment with different portable materials, sketchbooks and practices as we embark a series of ‘mini journeys’ around Sydney, exploring techniques, materials, approaches and mindsets to keep you drawing when you journey. You will come out of the course with a specific toolkit designed perfectly for the unique mode of travel you undertake, with a new excitement for the art you practice.

Outdoor excursions to be arranged during the term eg: visiting Taronga Zoo, the Art Gallery of NSW and The Rocks area and in the Bancroft Park area, Roseville. To confirm during the term.

Tuesdays, 9am – 12pm

Ku-ring-gai Art Centre, 3 Recreation Ave, Roseville NSW 2069

Take a look at my Traveling Artist Pinterest Board to get a peek at what we might get up to!


Great tips for preparation can be found in my recent blogs, on what I pack in my art travel kit and how to make your own concertina sketchbook.

What’s coming up this year?

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