Liz Eastland is a multi-arts practitioner based in Sydney, Australia (Kuring-gai). She graduated from Concordia University, Montreal with a degree in Creative Writing and later from the National Art School in 2009, dux in her year, ultimately gaining her PhD from the Sydney College of Art in 2017. She currently teaches art at Kuring-gai Art Centre and other locations around Sydney and is regularly exhibiting. (Next exhibition.) You can read more of her current news here.

“I am an adventurer, with a passion for long distance walking and sailing. Through my work I aim to capture the arresting moments of beauty found by journeying through the world in this slow way. My work embodies memory, ritual and narrative, as much a journey through the psyche as through land and sea.

Formally trained in writing, drawing, painting and film, my current practice is based in all four, informed through walking and moving slowly through the landscape. I share my time between my studio in Kuring-gai Country, Sydney, and months at sea or on land.

My current project is based on our recent 1000 kilometre pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago.­­­­­­


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“To behold nature is to fall in love with it”