March 5 2023

Ku-ring-gai Art Centre

Course Description

This workshop will follow on from Part 1 to explore further techniques in the use of pastels. We will spend a bit more time on composition, and explore ways to make the final work more dynamic. We will experiment with different approaches to underpainting, how to use darks and lights, and the variety of mark making you can achieve with soft and hard pastels.  We will use a landscape photograph to work from for this workshop, using the same photograph as you used in Part 1 or starting with something new.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to have done Part 1 of this workshop to do Part 2, but it will help tremendously if you do. The two workshops will build nicely on each other.

March 5 2023, 9am – 3pm

Ku-ring-gai Art Centre, 3 Recreation Ave, Roseville NSW 2069

For more information on what I pack in my plein air pastel kit, click here.


What’s coming up this year?

Pacific Traces exhibition – an installation documenting my six month sailing journey through Fiji and New Caledonia … walking the Camino…and other adventures!

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